General Operations Manual



Welcome! We are pleased that you visit us. Below you will find the regulations that regulate ColStar Alliance and its subsidiaries. We hope that the material made available to you is understandable and useful.

It is important to highlight that this manual is the basis for the members and aspirants of the alliance, if you are close to the admission process, it is of great importance that you have a clear and full knowledge of the this material, which will help you in all the steps to follow, your rights and duties.

This manual has been designed and created with the aim of informing our pilots, applicants and the IVAO Staff about our strategic direction.

It is expected that this manual will be understood by you, having all the organizational aspects of the company clear. The MGO has been structured with the collaboration of all the members of the Staff, therefore all the staff staff of the alliance will be willing to collaborate with the procedures in the ColStar alliance.

We hope the material will be fully understood.

Cordial Greeting Staff ColStar.

1. The Alliance

1.1 Who are we?

We are a virtual alliance of multiple airlines, certified in the virtual network of IVAO (International Virtual Aviation Organization), identified with the code 18674 since 2015.

We were born in 2014, with a very big story! from the systems we use to our corporate image. We are a Colombian alliance, which was born with the aim of forming professional virtual pilots, with an environment of familiarity and, in addition, generating a plus to IVAO´s virtual network through our high quality standards.

1.1.1 Mission

Forming quality pilots for the virtual aeronautical environment, with a corporate culture that makes them identify in any environment for being integrated people, with great knowledge about real and virtual aviation, following the parameters and standards real aviation, who serve with passion, quality and harmony their virtual operations with the airline.

1.1.2 Vision

By 2020 we will be the best alliance in Latin America, highlighted at the level of Global IVAO by our professional level, technological and above all our human resources.

1. The Alliance

1.1 Who are we?

1.1.3 General Objective

To be the best alliance in Latin America for its operational quality and administrative management. Promoting self-learning and training for airline members.

1.1.4 Specific Objectives

  • Comply with the SMS (Operational Safety Management System).
  • Provide the best training center.
  • Have the best positioning in the market.
  • Be competitive through operational quality.
  • Have annual crew growth on average of 15 people.
  • Obtain annual profits in the financial system of COP 100,000,000,000
  • Grow at the level of last generation fleet.
  • Promote quality in the IVAO virtual network.
  • Generate alliances with new airlines in the market.
  • Have the best standards in air procedures.
  • 1.1.5 Corporate Values ​​

  • Team work.
  • Passion.
  • Respect.
  • Excellence.
  • Tolerance.
  • Honesty.
  • Security.
  • 2. Our Fleet

    We have the most modern, powerful and important fleet that helps to obtain excellent operations, promoting training, preparation and training in each team to be certified in the rank with their respective aircraft.

    It should be noted that each subsidiary of the alliance may have a different fleet.

  • Saab 340A
  • Saab 340B
  • Beechcraft Baron 58
  • McDonnell-Douglas MD-80
  • ATR 72-500
  • Beechcraft 200 Super King Air
  • Robinson 22
  • Bombardier Dash 8 Q400
  • Boeing 727-100
  • Boeing 727-200 Freighter
  • Airbus 320-214
  • Airbus 319-115SL
  • Boeing 737-800
  • Boeing 737-300
  • Bell 407
  • Boeing 757-200
  • Bell 412
  • Agusta Westland 139
  • Boeing 767-300
  • Boeing 787-800 Dream)Liner
  • 3. Admissions

    3.1 How to belong to ColStar

    To belong to the colStar Alliance, the applicant must meet the minimum requirements stipulated by the Staff of the alliance, and consequently have passed the admission test in equal or greater than 70%, and those Requirements are applicable to all members without exception, in the same way when presenting to the alliance, you are accepting the regulation of the alliance, online regulations, behavior, textures, systems, and other issues.

    3.2 Minimum Requirements

  • Be greater than or equal to 18 years.
  • To be a pilot in the IVAO virtual network with a minimum of 100 hours of flight and a minimum FS3 range.
  • Be willing to start from the first rank, with instructional aircraft.
  • Not be part of another airline or alliance as a pilot or staff.
  • Own one of the following simulators: Flight Simulator 2004, Flight Simulator X, Prepar3D, X-Plane.
  • Have a minimum of 2 hrs each week to operate with the alliance and its preferred airline of the alliance.
  • Be willing to conduct training, conduct courses and their respective tests.
  • 4. Admission Process

    The admission process consists of a theoretical test (80%) and interview (20%)

    4.1 Registration

    You should have full knowledge about the Alliance´s policies, when you are sure that you meet all the requirements, you can click here to start the admission process, in which you will find the registration form, you can always register when the admissions process is open, but you must wait until the next call.

    When you start an admission process with us you are accepting the information processing policy, to validate that the information is real, and is exclusively for the alliance, all with virtual purposes.

    By going to the link previously displayed, you will arrive at the ColStar Alliance Admissions Center, there you will find the admission process, the requirements, and the area where the exam begins! or if you are a courtesy guest, you only need to put your invitation code in the credential box.

    4.2 Interview

    Interview is carried out whenever the applicant has obtained a result equal to or greater than 50% in the theoretical test. Maximum time to conduct the interview with one of the coaches of the alliance is 1 month, if it is not carried out, it will lose its quota and must re-present the exam. The interview will be done via Skype, but the contacts of the instructors are given through their links on Facebook.

    4.3 Qualification

    According to the scores obtained in the theoretical test and in the interview, the summation of them is automatically done and it will determine if you are approved or not in the ColStar Alliance family.

    4.4 What happens if I did not pass the theoretical test?

    You can submit 1 month after the exam submission date!

    4.5 Where can I see the exams I have submitted?

    If you want to know the status of your admission tests click here .
    If you have already been approved, and registered, the rest of the information will arrive via email.

    4.6 What do I do if I have an invitation code?

    remember that if you received an invitation code you have a period of 24 hours to register, to perform you must click here and you must scrollbar down to the last part of the web where you will find the box to enter the credentials and proceed to registration.

    5. Approval Process

    After entering the Alliance ColStar Alliance you will have the right to request the instructor or a staff for the approval process, provided you are: real pilot, student pilot or have a rank in IVAO equal to or greater than Private Pilot (PP).

    In order for the homologation to be concluded, a test will be carried out according to its level and it will be placed in the most appropriate range of the subsidiary to which it belongs.

  • If you are a real pilot or student you will be tested to be placed in the most appropriate range.
  • If you will homologate by IVAO rank:

  • IVAO Rank Hours to Provide
    Private Pilot 10 hrs
    Senior Private Pilot 30 hrs
    Comercial Pilot 80 hrs
    Airline Transport Pilot 110 hrs
    Senior Flight Instructor 200 hrs
    Chief Flight Instructor 300 hrs

    6. Invitation Code

    The invitation code is provided by a member of the alliance staff, who is interested in inviting an external member to be part of the alliance, must meet certain requirements, but in turn will enjoy the privilege of being excluded from the admission test. The code will be sent to the guest email and you will find the steps to follow. The invitation codes are limited, and are sent to the mail, which is valid 24 hours of functionality for registration, but will be automatically deleted.

    7. Operations

    All ColStar Alliance members must comply with all the regulations and policies required by IVAO World and the alliance, which have been agreed upon by the alliance´s board of directors. It should be noted that the breach of the regulations of the alliance can have consequences from the verbal reprimand to the expulsion of the airline and in fact respective penalties in IVAO.

    7.1 Our Members :: Pilots

    7.1.1 Rights

  • Obtain a position of Staff, always in compliance with the profile for that position, the hours required, and always when there are vacancies
  • To be able to use the callsign of the airline, and call ATC dependencies before IVAO or VATSIM as ColStar
  • Have access to airline resources such as textures, checklists, Acars, trainings, instructional materials, etc.
  • To be able to decide or vote on the airline´s decision-making process, provided that the Staff makes the new policy available to members
  • Be able to use the MTLS of the airline before IVAO, the preferential flight network
  • Request training of a specific aircraft, or tutorials related to aviation or software issues
  • Ability to use the airline´s own software, such as ACARS
  • Apply for aircraft training vacancies, depending on the availability and fulfillment of requirements for admission
  • Being able to fly in the different subsidiaries of the airline, depending on the rank, belonging to a HUB and Subsidiary
  • Allowed the use of the airline´s Facebook group and the WhatsApp group to communicate information regarding the VA and aviation with an appropriate language
  • Comment on the textures and / or improvements to VA services
  • Request another review of a rejected flight, according to valid arguments to verify if there was any mistake
  • Be able to book flights and change location in the system, verify financial information
  • 7.1.2 Duties

  • Comply with the stipulated hours, to keep the account active on the airline, and comply with regulations before virtual aviation networks
  • The maximum landing average for basic ranges is -400FPM and for medium and high ranges it is -250 FPM, if this is exceeded, the report will be rejected immediately
  • Flight plans must be correctly completed, they will be carefully reviewed, if you violate this rule more than twice, you will be sanctioned
  • You must fly in real time, LOCAL time, and you should not fly with acceleration of more than 1x
  • Will fly under multiplayer connection in the IVAO network
  • Being active in IVAO and before the airline
  • All active members must abide by the regulations established by IVAO-CO or VATSIM-CO to fly in Colombian airspace when operating in this territory.
  • When flying to other countries according to routes, they should be subject to to the rules of these divisions
  • Only the IVAO network will be used as the preferred flight network
  • You must fly and take orders and instructions from the active ATC at the time of the flight
  • Adequate air phraseology will be used to carry out operations, when it is an air phraseology in English, it should also be used in an appropriate way (DO NOT IMPROVIS)
  • Use UNICOM system when you do not have ATC online to notify intensions
  • In the week, each pilot must at least fly 3 regulatory hours, it does not matter if it is the same flight or it does in several, the inactivity or non-compliance will result in his immediate dismissal from the airline
  • Use appropriate language for communication with other members of the airline
  • The pilot should request training from his fleet every 2 months to reinforce
  • Pass the theoretical + practical C172 exam to continue the career process
  • Use the MTLS of the airline before IVAO
  • Use the professional aircraft arranged in the airline and use the respective textures for it
  • The use of the textures of the airline, ACARS, and all the tools of the VA, are exclusively used by our crew, if it is seen that some pilot shares material of the exclusive VA, it will be expelled
  • Identify before the other means of IVAO with true information, and carry the name of the VA on high
  • Make quality flights, before IVAO and the airline, otherwise flights will be rejected according to our policies
  • Pilots must also hold the name and image of the airline in front of other pilots or members of the flight networks, as well as on social networks or other virtual media
  • In case of repeatedly causing operational problems, the pilot must present a check on the aircraft and on aviation matters
  • 7.2 Our Members :: Staff

    7.2.1 Regulation

  • The Staff must be a select staff, with great knowledge in the areas of aeronautics, performance in the VA cash and quality
  • The Staff must be partial in all the dilemmas that arise before the external and internal environments of the airline
  • The Staff must be fair before the validation of the flights of the members of the VA
  • The transparency of the Staff should be reflected in the admission of new pilots, following the quality standards and without regard for persons
  • Provide trust and instruction by the Staff to all members of the airline
  • Be alert to any concerns of members and provide immediate and effective solutions
  • Help with strategies for the best performance by our Staff towards the pilots
  • Provide training material for pilots, training personnel and performance evaluation of pilots, with a qualified staff for this
  • Respect by the Staff towards each member of the Airline
  • Manage good performance and discipline before the flight networks, social groups and social networks
  • Set a good example for others and carry the name of the airline on high
  • The Staff is subject to the same rules as the pilots without exception
  • Keep the information before IVAO and the VA System, updated
  • Providing timely promotion of rank, approval of flights and tickets
  • Provide software support to airline members
  • Be willing to verify a flight that had been rejected, to validate whether the evaluation process was done well or not
  • Handle appropriate language with internal and external members of the VA
  • Carrying the name of the airline high
  • Not participate as Staff or Developer of any type of production of another VA
  • Make promotions in a timely manner and provide assistance
  • 7. Operations

    7.3 Using Callsign and MTL

    Every member of the alliance has the right and in turn the obligation to use the respective Callsgin to the branch with which it is operating with its corresponding flight number, in order to promote the alliance in the network and that each time our position in the middle is greater, and of course so that the pireps are recognized by the system of the alliance in a satisfactory way.

    According to the MTL it is mandatory to have the liveries and mtls downloaded for their respective use according to the subsidiary with which they are operating, if there is no material to use the livery of the manufacturer in the simulator and in the Ivap .

    7.4 Ranks and Ascents

    The ranges are already established in the system according to each subsidiary of the alliance, they were designed by the board of directors of each airline for the precision in terms of learning and simulation referred to under the guidelines of its strategic direction, the system is automatically automated therefore to meet the hours and exams if required will generate an automatic rank upgrade and certification of aircraft.

    7.5 Exams, Courses and Checks

    The alliance has a proprietary platform, designed for training with a focus for self-learning in which there is dynamic, didactic material, according to the rank of the pilot will also show corresponding exams (if the range has them), and practical checks or trainings for pilots are optional, they are the ones who must request them to the desired coach.

    7.6 Reporting System

    ColStar Alliance has one of the most innovative and technological reporting systems of the IVAO Colombia division, it is an exclusive system of the alliance, it is not a common ACARS, since it works directly with the Ivap :: IVAO software, without the use of another external tool, you only need the use of our website and the connection with Ivap so you can enjoy the benefits of the alliance, make reports, see your flights, statistics, finances and much more! . It was designed to maximize the FPS of the flight simulators, in turn increasing the realism with a user-friendly interface. In addition to the integration of 2 offices according to the taste of the pilot.

    7.7 Privacy and Confidentiality Clause [ColStar]

    Every member or candidate of the ColStar Alliance, must be aware of the information that is included in this manual, in turn assumes some duties and rights when registering with us, accepting the terms and conditions of the alliance; You have the right to use and enjoy the benefits of the ColStar platform, esotos includes textures, callsign, mtls, jeppesen charts, professional offices, tours, events, and a very advanced system which supports multiple simulator platforms. Therefore, being part of the community of this alliance is accepting the clause of privacy and confidentiality of the treatment of personal data by the alliance, and in turn accepts the confidentiality of the information given by the alliance to you as a member. If you fail to comply with one of the agreements mentioned may be expelled from the alliance, and could result in penalties against IVAO.

    8. Sanctions

    Below is an attached table, which will show the causes of sanctions and their respective effects, penalties that are not there on specific topics will be addressed by the Staff.

    Established Sanctions



    Bad vocabulary on social networks or the IVAO virtual network.

    Suspension 2 days.

    Bullying to internal and external members of the airline.

    Suspension 5 days.

    Misuse the IVAO virtual network.

    Suspension 3 days.

    Aggression to the Staff or
    members of the airline.

    Immediate Expulsion.

    Transfer of exclusive information for airline members.

    Immediate Expulsion.

    Flight inactivity for more than 15 days.

    Assigning idle status in the system.

    Sabotage to the airline.

    Immediate Expulsion.

    Do not fly with the airline for more than 2 months without any cause.

    Immediate Expulsion.

    Reiteration of causes.

    The duplicate effect two times.

    Excess of reiteration of causes of sanction.

    Immediate Expulsion.


    This manual specifies all the parameters about the ColStar Alliance operation, in order to be the most professional, standardized and automated alliance in terms of procedures and processes. This manual is free in its visualization and are the guidelines of ColStar alliance operations. We wish you happy flights and good winds, and we hope you have the best experience of flying with us.